Tyga's new album is his ''resurrection''.

The 'Rack City' hitmaker has released his latest LP 'B***h I'm the S**t' and feels his new musical project is his second coming, following his split from reality star Kylie Jenner.

He said: ''It's hard. I wish I could have kept more of my mystic and not been in the public, but it was really hard because when you're with a person that's as famous as that and super public - that's what she's known for - it's really kind of hard to dodge it.

''I can't make myself a prisoner, you know what I'm saying? I can't be a prisoner of my own fame and be in the house all day. I still gotta enjoy life. So there was really no way around it. It was really just a stepping stone and a learning lesson for me ...

''This project was my resurrection. You guys praised me when I dropped 'Rack City'. I had multiple hits. Y'all praised me. Y'all believe in me. Y'all followed me. Then, I got in a relationship, and y'all crucified me. Put me on the cross. Now I'm resurrected.''

And the 27-year-old rapper wants to prove his worth to those who ''stopped believing in him for a little bit''.

In an interview with Billboard magazine, he added: ''It's like Easter Sunday. It's a resurrection ... Like I said, they praised me. They crucified me. I kept telling people in the beginning, this is who I am. Bitch I'm the s**t. I'm the s**t.

''I'm gonna tell you again. I'm gonna give y'all the stuff. I'm gonna give y'all the hits. I'm gonna give y'all the music, that emotion and that feeling. I'm gonna entertain y'all. They stopped believing in me for a little bit and now it's like we're about to see the resurrection.''