Singer/actress Vanessa Williams refuses to cut back on sweets and treats during the festive season because it's the only time of the year she gets to cook up her family favourites.

The former Miss America is spending the holidays at home with all three of her adult children, and she has been catering to all of their cravings.

She tells People magazine, "Everyone has their favourites. My daughter Jillian’s is lemon squares. I gotta make those for her. One is cornbread, so I have to make sure we have cornbread. My son loves crepes.

"It all depends on what they want when they want it. Come holidays, I'm doing a lot of fixing favourites for everybody in the family."

The Save the Best For Last singer continues, "I actually miss the hustle and bustle (of having a full house). But come holidays, they’re all home and I’ll be cooking brunch and dinner and snacks and goodies."

And Williams isn't afraid to tuck into the goodies herself.

She says, "I usually give in (to indulgence) and then I just do the work come January.

"You go to the parties and they’re serving cocktails, and then you have great dinners and you’re drinking wine, and the desserts and cookies are all available. It’s hard to not be tempted. But I just kind of succumb and then just do the work in January."