The Furious 7 theme tune, featuring singer Charlie Puth, has become the 10th most-viewed music video on the streaming site, while it has also set a speed record since its release on 6 April (15).

"See You Again is not only the first rap video to hit a billion views but is also the fastest video to hit a billion on YouTube," Charlie wrote on Twitter late on Wednesday (07Oct15). "Wow. Thank u (sic)".

The promo sits behind Mark Ronson and Bruno Mars' Uptown Funk, which currently boasts 1.045 billion views, but they both have some way to go before topping YouTube's most-viewed chart - Psy leads the countdown with his catchy 2012 track Gangnam Style, which has garnered more than two billion views.

See You Again has become Wiz's biggest hit to date - it has racked up 12 non-consecutive weeks atop America's Billboard Hot 100 chart to date, tying with Eminem's Lose Yourself as the longest-running rap number one in the country.

Earlier this year (15), Charlie revealed he came up with the song's hook in just 10 minutes, two days after moving to Los Angeles.

"I produced the song with DJ Frank E," he recalled to America's Entertainment Weekly. "He's known for writing huge pop hits. We didn't know each other, (but) we wrote the hook in, like, 10 minutes.

"What was interesting was that we were writing the song for Paul, but we didn't tell each other that we had both lost somebody recently. It was pretty powerful. The moment we finished it, we hugged. We were like, 'You're my bro forever...!' We sent it to Wiz, and he put down his rap on it and made the whole thing shine. He put the little bow on it."

Paul, one of the leading stars of the Fast and Furious film franchise, died in a car crash in 2013.