The 'X-Men: First Class' sequel will only have one new character.

Director Matthew Vaughn has revealed there will need to be one fresh addition because Magneto - played by Michael Fassbender in the latest movie - will need someone to duel with, although the English film producer was reluctant to give away the identity of the figure.

He told MovieWeb: "We will only have one more new character. I won't say who he . I won't say who he or she is! But we will only be bringing one more new character in. Because, I think, as Professor X is in a wheelchair, Magneto needs to have a nemesis he can fight with.

"Someone that will be his equal. I know who it is. It would be nice if I could say something, but I can't, mate!"

Matthew also explained he would have let 2006 movie 'X-Men: The Last Stand' - which he was ready to direct before pulling out after fearing he did not have sufficient time to make the film properly - "breathe" a lot more, stating there should have been further dramatic moments included.

He added to Bleeding Cool: "I storyboarded the whole bloody film, did The Script. My 'X3' would have been 40 minutes longer.

"They didn't let The Emotions and the drama play in that film. It became wall-to-wall noise and drama. I would have let it breathe and far more dramatic elements to it."