Yungblud thinks sex will "save the world".

The 25-year-old singer - whose real name is Dominic Harrison - has insisted the "expression and freedom" of making love is a sure fire way to help love triumph "over hate".

He told the Daily Star newspaper's Wired column: "It's time we talk about sex because I love sex, I think sex is f****** beautiful and I think sex is going to save the world.

"The world is so full of complex suppression, and so full of hate right now. I just want to relax back that to have sex and to f***, it has got such a beautiful trust and expression and freedom to it.

"I believe if we can take the feeling we get from sex and put that into the world then love will always win over hate."

The '11 Minutes' hitmaker - who is dating fellow singer Jesse Jo Stark - urged people to "celebrate sex" in any form, providing "it's consensual and trustworthy".

He added: "We shouldn't shy away from it, we should celebrate sex.

"Sex, if it's with the love of your life, if it's with your partner, if it's making a baby, if it's the first night of your marriage, if it's a one night stand, it is beautiful, as long as it's down with love, it's consensual and trustworthy."

Meanwhile, Yungblud is also considering a move into politics and he's ready to "f****** jump in" by laying out his manifesto on his upcoming fourth album.

He said: "I am here to tell the truth even if it f****** hurts me.

"I think the difference is that people touch on and dance around politics, I f****** jump in, I don't give a s***.

"There is a recession going on in the UK right now because the government were idle in terms of expenditure through the pandemic."