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20th July 2016

Fact: Miley Cyrus has reunited with Zoe Kravitz to appear on her band Lolawolf's new single, Teardrop. The pop superstar previously invited the group to serve as the opening act on her Bangerz Tour in 2014, the same year she made a cameo in Lolawolf's B**ch video.

29th May 2015

Quote: "I always come here for vacation, but to come back here promoting my own film is the coolest thing. I've always prayed that I'd be here one day on the carpet promoting a film. It's an achievement for me, so I'm very proud." Model Chanel Iman has realised her red carpet dream at the Cannes Film Festival after promoting her movie debut there last week.

5th May 2015

Fact: Rock offspring Zoe Kravitz has recruited Miley Cyrus to star in a raunchy video for her band Lolawolf's new song, B**ch. The duo is seen playing poker in the promotional clip and filmed cavorting in underwear while drinking and smoking hand-rolled cigarettes.

5th March 2015

Fact: Actress Zoe Kravitz hopped on New York City's subway train system on Wednesday (04Mar15) to make sure she didn't miss a scheduled taping for America's The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon after her chauffeured car got stuck in traffic. Lenny Kravitz's daughter managed to make it to the studio and showed off photos of herself on public transport during the show.

27th February 2015

Quote: "It was a big learning curve. We were used to playing really small venues, in front of people we know and love... (but) Miley and Lily were both really supportive. Then there's the truth of being an opening act: You've got to pay your dues. You're not the band the audience came to see. It gives you thick skin, and you learn to perform even when the audience isn't giving you that energy." Actress Zoe Kravitz on hitting the road with her band Lolawolf after they were selected to support Miley Cyrus and Lily Allen on tour last year (14).

21st March 2014

Quote: "He's a little bit of a design Nazi. Our first house (in Miami, Florida) was all white (and) we weren't allowed to drink anything that was a dark colour anywhere... I was 10 years old, I wanted a dog and I picked out this really cute fluffy dog, fell in love. I found out that he had already ordered me a Chinese Crested - they're the hairless dogs, and the hair they do have is white. So then cut to me on a white couch trying to pet this hairless thing. Yeah, his passion for it (design) is amazing." Actress Zoe Kravitz on rocker dad Lenny Kravitz's interior design obsession.

20th March 2014

Quote: "When I was, like, 10, she threw me a piercing party because I wanted to get my ears pierced... My dad flew in, like, a friend of his, who is a piercer... and people show up to a birthday party with, like, their 10-year-old children and there's like a tattooed woman with a bald head being like, 'I'm gonna pierce your kids!' I ended up chickening out and not getting pierced and it was just my mum and all her hippie friends getting, like, their nipples pierced... The (other) parents were terrified." Actress Zoe Kravitz on her wild 10th birthday party.

20th March 2014

Quote: "I was obsessed with the Spice Girls... I always wanted to be Baby Spice, but in case you guys didn't notice I'm black, so my friends would be like, 'You like Scary Spice, you wanna be Scary Spice, right?'" Actress Zoe Kravitz was a huge fan of the British girl band when she was a kid.

11th December 2013

Quote: "Well, the door rang, and there he was, and he said, 'Good to meet you, sir,' and I was like, 'Sir? - we ain't that far apart (in age)'." Lenny Kravitz was surprised by how his daughter, Zoe Kravitz's, boyfriend, Michael Fassbender, greeted him.

1st May 2013

Quote: "She loves it. She sings beautifully too. It's wonderful to be able to sing with someone you love." Actor Penn Badgley's girlfriend Zoe Kravitz is a big fan of his vocal talents. The former Gossip Girl star shows off his singing skills as tragic musician Jeff Buckley in new biopic, Greetings from Tim Buckley.

14th December 2012

Fact: Actress Zoe Kravitz has teamed up with her father Lenny's Precious co-star Gabourey Sidibe for a new movie. The X-Men: First Class star will play a teen bullied by Sidibe's character in new drama Yelling at the Sky.

1st June 2011

Quote: "I got really into the pub culture. Fish and chips and a pint! It had a nice community feel." Actress Zoe Kravitz indulged in the local specialities while filming new action movie X-Men: First Class in London.

18th August 2010

Fact: January Jones has become the latest addition to the all-star cast of upcoming comic book prequel X-Men: FIRST CLASS. The MAD MEN star will play super-mutant Emma Frost opposite actors including Michael Fassbender, James McAvoy, Kevin Bacon and Zoe Kravitz.

30th March 2009

Fact: Lenny Kravitz shows off personal photos of celebrity pals including JAY-Z, Beyonce and Alicia Keys in the April 2009 issue of Russia's Vogue magazine. The shots also feature images of his actress daughter Zoe Kravitz.

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