Ever wanted to greet your friends and family with a hearty “Yo Bitch” but thought Aaron Paul might sound a little better doing it? If yes, then Christmas has come early for you as the ‘Breaking Bad’ star has released a new iPhone app which allows you to let him say “Yo Bitch” to all your loved ones.

Aaron Paul Aaron Paul is here to fulfill all your 'Yo Bitch' needs

Paul announced the release of the app on twitter writing, “Yo Bitch! To everyone that has ever asked me to call them a bitch, here you go. It's an App Bitch! Happy Holidays.”

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Titled ‘YB’ on the app store, because of course the creators wouldn’t want to offend anyone, the app offers ““colourful greetings for you and your friends.” Indeed, the app doesn't limit itself to just one phrase. You can also say “hooray bitch”, “bueno bitch” and of course, “love you bitch” among other phrases.

Upon downloading the app, users are greeting by a message signed by Paul himself saying, “Yo bitch, thank you for downloading this app. This is meant to be fun and we can have fun with this. Just don’t get your friends fired”. Paul also becomes your first ‘friend’ on the app. Users can also unlock extra phrases to send to friends and participate in contests with Paul to win phrase packs.

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Since ‘Breaking Bad’ ended in 2013, Paul has gone on to star in racing movie Need for Speed and the upcoming Exodus: Gods and Kings, directed by Ridley Scott.