Aaron Paul has claimed he doesn't get paid a single dime in residuals from Netflix hit 'Breaking Bad'.

The 44-year-old actor was picketing with his co-stars outside Sony Pictures in California this week, where he revealed he does not receive any money from the streamer when the award-winning crime drama, in which he portrayed Jesse Pinkman, is streamed.

Aaron told ET Canada: "I don't get a piece from Netflix on 'Breaking Bad' to be totally honest and that's insane to me.

"Shows live forever on these streamers and it goes through waves. I saw just the other day that 'Breaking Bad' was trending on Netflix…

It's such common sense and I think a lot of these streamers, they know they've been getting away with not paying people fair wage and now it's time to pony up."

Aaron is said to have made a whopping $150,000 per episode and lead star Bryan Cranston (Walter White) pocketed $225,000.

'Breaking Bad' also spawned the prequel series, 'Better Call Saul', which was just as popular.

Aaron has been striking as part of the SAG-AFTRA walkout since July.

The Writers' Guild of America started its strike back in May.

Both want similar things, including fairer pay, better working conditions, and reassurance amid the increase in the use of AI.

Meanwhile, Dax Shepard recently shared his fears he could "lose everything" amid the strike.

The 48-year-old star explained how he's been left in a "two-month spiral" of being financially insecure.

Speaking on his 'Armchair Expert' podcast, he said: "I am currently in a, like, two-month spiral of just completely out of hand financial insecurity. This new fear of, ‘I’m gonna somehow be broke or I’m gonna lose everything, podcasting is gonna be over, there’s an actors strike and I’m not gonna act.’ It’s so foundationless, it’s preposterous."