Adam Driver has slammed film studios including Netflix and Amazon for failing to meet the demands of striking writers and actors.

Members of SAG-AFTRA - the Screen Actors Guild and American Federation of Television and Radio Artists - and the Writers Guild of America unions have brought Hollywood to a standstill after walking out in a bid to resolve issues over pay, residuals and AI technology with the Alliance of Motion Picture and Television Producers [AMPTP]. Now Driver - whose new film 'Ferrari' was given an exemption from the industrial action - has insisted studio bosses need to do more to meet the demands of those on strike.

During an appearance at the Venice Film festival in Italy, the actor said: "I’m very happy to be here to support this movie, but also I’m very proud to be here, to be a visual representation of a movie that’s not a part of the AMPTP [Alliance of Motion Picture and Television Producers], and to promote the SAG leadership directive – which is an effective tactic – which is the interim agreement."

Under the terms of the strike, members are not allowed to make any film or TV project or promote any that have already been finished - meaning they are unable to attend premieres or film festivals in support of their work.

Driver was able to attend the VFF this week because 'Ferrari' was granted an exemption by the union as it was not made in partnership with the AMPTP and he insisted that if smaller production companies and distributors are able to meet the unions demands then big studios must step up.

He added: "The other objective is to say, why is it that a smaller distribution company like Neon and STX International [the distributor and production companies behind 'Ferrari'] can meet the dream demands of what SAG is asking for – this is pre-negotiation, the dream version of SAG's wishlist – but a big company like Netflix and Amazon can’t?

"And every time people from SAG support a movie that has agreed to these terms, it just makes it more obvious that these people are willing to support the people they collaborate with, and the others are not."