Bringing a fictional world of 80s female wrestling to the small screen, and with inspiration from the original series that spanned 104 episodes, comes Netflix original comedy series 'GLOW'. Led by Alison Brie and Betty Gilpin, the show is all about allowing women to pick up great roles despite their gender, in a time when the majority of movies would be led by the most masculine of men.

Alison Brie leads 'GLOW' as Ruth WilderAlison Brie leads 'GLOW' as Ruth Wilder

Hilarious throughout the 10 episodes that make up the first season, the women involved make up the new troupe of female wrestlers, known as the Gorgeous Ladies Of Wrestling. Wearing high cut leotards and an assortment of unique costumes, the show is certainly a memorable one. It's also an experience that Brie will never forget.

Speaking about the "most naked" she'd ever been in a new chat with Entertainment Weekly, the actress added that the series consisted of "bodies existing in their natural state".

She continued: "I think because we were learning to wrestle and using our bodies in that way, we became like athletes. Normally you're on a show and you're so conscious about what you're eating as an actress because you want to look thin. This was so refreshing. Food was a fuel you needed in order to do this physical thing. Doing that and then seeing your body as this tool - it was amazing."

With a cast made up of primarily women alongside the female creators Lis Flahive and Carlyn Mensch, with 'Orange is the New Black's Jenji Kohan also on board, the show had a more comfortable atmosphere than any other, according to Brie.

"I had never realised how much we are under the male gaze every second of our lives," she said. "This was a woman's set, we owned the set. Poor Marc Maron realised that immediately! It was so cool to be surrounded by women and being around women who love their bodies [and it] made me love mine more."

It's fair to say that equality in the entertainment industry is something still worth fighting for, as big changes still have to be made for women to enjoy true equality on the same level as their male counterparts. Shows such as 'GLOW' push that fight forward and for that, we should all be grateful.

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'GLOW' season 1 is available now for streaming on Netflix.