EVANESCENCE star Amy Lee could be forced to relive her painful romance with former boyfriend and bandmate Ben Moody if a sexual misconduct case against her former manager goes before a judge.

The singer has countersued ex-manager DENNIS RIDER in Los Angeles less than a week after he filed papers claiming Lee owed him millions in unpaid commissions, by alleging financial and sexual misconduct.

And one piece of her suit could expose the reasons why she and Moody split - leading him to quit the group in 2003. This is something neither has been keen to talk about.

Accompanying her suit, which was filed in Los Angeles Superior Court on Wednesday (07DEC05), is the letter she sent to Rider, terminating his services, in which she suggests that, like her former manager, her ex-boyfriend was abusive.

In the letter, obtained by MTV News, Lee's attorney writes, "As you are well aware, Ms Lee was recently in an abusive relationship with Ben Moody. She has no intention of associating with any persons who engage in that sort of abusive and illegal conduct."

In her suit, Lee claims Rider boasted about committing acts of domestic abuse.