Andrew Scott has ''lovely suits and a nice desk'' in 'Spectre'.

The 38-year-old actor admits he is sworn to secrecy about the role he plays in the new James Bond movie but revealed he plays the head of the Centre for National Security and his part is linked to exploring the ''ethics'' of surveillance.

He said: ''I play the head of an organisation called the Centre for National Security. It's about ethics and how the new world of surveillance compares with the old world of surveillance and the tension between them.

''And that is officially all I can say. Although I can tell you that I get to have lovely suits and a nice desk.''

Andrew also reprises his role as villainous Moriarty in the upcoming 'Sherlock' Christmas special and admits it is tough not being able to speak about his work.

He said: ''I seem to be in the habit of doing projects I can't talk about. Plot is everything in Bond. You don't want to give the fun away.''

But the Irish star did reveal his parents were ''delighted'' by his Bond casting.

He told Red magazine: ''I was at home when I got the call and rang my parents right away. They were delighted. I've done a lot of experimental theatre, so I say I'm doing a play at the Royal Court and they're like, 'Oh...' But everybody has t least heard about Bond.''