After his online tirade against the show, Angus T Jones looks 'likely' to be given the boot after the current series of Two and a Half Men comes to an end, a number of online sources have said.

To be honest, anyone who publicly disowns their employer, including referring to it as 'filth' and urging people not watch the hit comedy, are more than likely to be given the heave-ho by their employers no matter who they are, and Jones looks likely to be no exception to the rule. VH1 and Zap2It have both reported that Jones could well be on the way out, with other websites even claiming that Miley Cyrus could be replacing the young Christian actor.

Whilst some people are commenting on solely on Jones' outburst against the show, what many people are discussing instead is whether this latest dispute may spell the end of the show. Should Jones be given the boot, it would mark the second star to leave the show, which would frankly make the show look all the more like a sinking ship. With Charlie Sheen gone and Jones on the way, how much of the already dwindling audience are likely to stick around to see Jon Cryer and Sheen's replacement, Ashton Kutcher. Only time well tell whether enough is enough, but we think maybe it is.