Annette Bening imagines cutting off the heads of actors she doesn’t find attractive if they have to do love scenes.

The five-time Oscar nominee, 65, said the fantasy is a technique she picked up from a former acting coach, who said if she ever ended up performing intimate moments with co-stars she didn’t find appealing to imagine replacing their heads with someone she did find attractive.

She told The Times about acting with people to whom she feels “decidedly unattracted”: “Well, you imagine taking the head of that person off, and you replace it with the head of whoever it is that you’d have those feelings for and then you simply pretend.

“And you know what? I’ve had to do that a few times.”

Annette, who married Warren Beatty, 86, in 1992 after starring with him in ‘Bugsy Malone’, added: “Now I didn’t have to do that with Warren Beatty. I ended up falling in love with him.”

Annette’s latest best actress nomination is for plating endurance swimmer Diana Nyad, 74, in the movie ‘Nyad’ alongside Jodie Foster, 61, which tells how the athlete swam the 110-mile journey from Havana, Cuba, to Key West in Florida in 2013 – on her fifth attempt.

Despite her Hollywood success, Annette said she has misgivings about her youngest child Ella, 23, pursuing an acting career.

The actress – who has four grown-up children with Warren – said about Ella’s choice: “It is a worry. But if someone has a passion for something and feel strongly about it, then they have to pursue it and be encouraged to do it.

“As parents we never stop worrying. My mother is 95 and I know she’s still concerned about how we’re all doing.”

Annette, famed for playing women with wild sides including con woman Myra Langtry in ‘The Grifters’ and cheating wife Carolyn Burnham in ‘American Beauty’, said her home life in reality is comfortable and dull.

She added: “It’s so boring. There’s nothing to say. I drink matcha, I read, I chat with my friends, or watch something on television with my husband, and I have a giant old lady dog.”

Politics obsessive Annette also said she refuses to read social media, adding: “I used to read Twitter because I felt I needed to.

“A foreign policy expert I respected told me that he went to Twitter for news, and so I did.

“Never tweeted, just read. But once I got too many creepy things on my feed I said, ‘I don’t even need this.’”