Antonio Banderas has tested positive for Covid-19.

The Spanish actor announced via Instagram on Monday (10.08.20), his 60th birthday, that he has been diagnosed with the highly contagious respiratory illness and is currently quarantining.

Writing in his native Spanish language, he explained: ''Greetings to all. I want to make public that today, August 10, I am forced to celebrate my 60th birthday in quarantine after having tested positive for the COVID-19 disease, caused by the coronavirus.

''I would like to add that I feel relatively well, just a little more tired than usual and confident that I will recover as soon as possible following the medical indications that I hope will allow me to overcome the infectious process I suffer and that is affecting so many people around the planet.

''I will take advantage of this isolation to read, write, rest and continue making plans to give meaning to my recently released 60 years to which I arrive full of enthusiasm and enthusiasm.

''A big hug to everyone. Antonio Banderas.''

Antonio is the last star to be diagnosed with Covid-19 after celebrities including Tom Hanks and his wife Rita Wilson, pop star Pink, Britain's Prince Charles, Alyssa Milano and Idris Elba and his wife Sabrina Dhowr all contracted the disease.

And Idris recently admitted the ''mental impact'' of Covid-19 was ''pretty traumatic'' on himself and Sabrina.

He explained: ''I was asymptomatic so I didn't get the major symptoms everyone else got.

''Mentally, it hit me very bad, because a lot was unknown about it.

''I felt very compelled to speak about it, just because it was such an unknown.

''So the mental impact of that on both myself and my wife was pretty traumatic.''