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Bill Wyman Undergoing Treatment For Prostate Cancer At 79

Bill Wyman Rolling Stones

Former Rolling Stones member Bill Wyman has been diagnosed with prostate cancer at the age of 79 according to recent reports, but, before you start worrying about losing another rock legend this year, thankfully he's expected to make a full recovery following his treatment program. 

Bill WymanBill Wyman on the road to recovery after shock diagnosis

The one-time bassist of the world's most loved ongoing rock band the Rolling Stones will not be beaten by his shocking new diagnosis as he undergoes treatment to beat the disease. A spokesperson revealed that the situation isn't thought to be too serious, however, given that doctors have managed to catch the cancer early on. 

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Bill Wyman, Brian May and Roger Daltrey - Sir Peter Blake mural launch held at the Royal Albert Hall. His mural features 343 legends associated with the venue (Royal Albert Hall) from 1871 to the present day. - London, United Kingdom - Tuesday 29th April 2014

Bill Wyman, Brian May and Roger Daltrey

Bill Wyman and Guest - David Frost - memorial unveiling and service of remembrance held at Westminster Abbey - Arrivals. - London, United Kingdom - Thursday 13th March 2014

Bill Wyman and Guest

Bill Wyman, Shakin Stevens, Albert Lee and Joe Brown - Albert Lee's 70th Anniversary Concert held at Cadogan Hall - Inside - London, United Kingdom - Saturday 1st March 2014

Bill Wyman, Shakin Stevens, Albert Lee and Joe Brown

Charlie Is My Darling - Clips

The Rolling Stones may not have released an album for eight years, but they are showing no signs of letting up on doing what they do best as they gear up to perform at Glastonbury Music Festival on June 29th 2013 as part of their '50 and Counting Tour'. In celebration of 50 years together, they are releasing a concert and behind-the-scenes footage movie entitled 'Charlie Is My Darling' which was filmed on their two day tour of Ireland in 1965, only weeks after they became a worldwide sensation with their hit single '(I Can't Get No) Satisfaction'. Watch the revered youngsters being interviewed about life as the biggest rock band in the world and perform some of their most loved hits to an audience of thousands.

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'I'm Happier Than They Are' - Bill Wyman On Life Without The Rolling Stones

Bill Wyman Rolling Stones

You’d think Bill Wyman would be kicking himself for leaving the Rolling Stones, wouldn’t you? The famed bass player left the band back in 1993 but insists he has no regrets over it. In fact, he reckons that the life he leads instead has left him happier than the guys that carried on without him. In an interview with The Telegraph, the man that was often labelled as the ‘boring’ member of the British group reveals his obsession with archiving the band’s history and going metal detecting in his spare time.

“When I said I wanted to leave they told me I was probably giving up £20 million for the next two years. But I had three great houses and some nice cars,” Wyman explains. “I got married again and worked on books, and started a band to subsidise my living expenses. And I don’t regret it because I’ve never been happier… I’m sure I’m happier than they are in their lives.” Wyman was also keen to point out that of all of the Stones, he has had the most successful solo career: “I don’t push it. You have to swallow your pride and let it go, otherwise you get knotted up. I went away and had the biggest solo success of anyone in the band with (Si, si) Je Suis Un Rock Star. A world hit.”

It’s not hard to see that there’s little love lost between Wyman and the band’s leader Mick Jagger though, which would probably prevent Wyman from rejoining the band even if he wanted to, "He can start a sentence by saying Yes and by the end of it you realise he has said No.” Wyman might not be headlining Glastonbury this year then, but seems all the happier for it. 

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Old Friends Join The Rolling Stones For 50th Birthday Concert

Rolling Stones Mick Jagger Keith Richards Ronnie Wood Charlie Watts Bill Wyman Mick Taylor Mary J Blige Noel Fielding

Last night at London’s O2 Arena (November 25, 2012), The Rolling Stones were joined onstage by old friends and newer ones, as they celebrated their 50th anniversary. The current mainstays of the band, Mick Jagger, Keith Richards, Ronnie Wood and Charlie Watts welcomed the band’s original bass player, Bill Wyman to play ‘It’s Only Rock and Roll (But I Like It)’ and ‘Honky Tonk Women.’ Mick Taylor, who was a member of the band between 1969 ad 1974 also had his moment in the limelight once more, when he joined them for a version of ‘Midnight Rambler.’

Mary J Blige also performed with the band, helping them out with ‘Gimme Shelter’ and later tweeted “So much fun performing in London w/ the ‪@RollingStones! Congrats on your 50th anniversary!! The response to the show, from those that were there, has been overwhelmingly positive. The Mighty Boosh comedian Noel Fielding told the BBC “I think Keith played incredibly. Sympathy For The Devil...his lead on that was absolutely amazing” and – always one to admire an elaborate costume - added “Mick came out in a cape which - as always - has got to be a bonus.”

In the lead up to the opening night of these 50th anniversary dates, much of the discussion surrounding The Stones’ concerts has been centered on the extortionate ticket prices. Jagger didn’t ignore it, joking to those at the back “How are you doing up in the cheap seats? Except they're not cheap seats, that's the problem.” Hopefully, everyone was having such a wonderful time that they were able to see the funny side.

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Bill Wyman And Mick Taylor Lined Up To Reunite With Rolling Stones For O2 Gig

Rolling Stones Bill Wyman Mick Taylor Mick Jagger Ronnie Wood Keith Richards

The Rolling Stones are set to perform a string of shows at London's O2 Arena next week, and have announced that as a special treat there will be two special guests appearing on stage with them in the shape of former Stones members Bill Wyman and Mick Taylor.

Former Stones bassist Wyman and guitarist Taylor will appear on stage with the dinosaur rockers during their shows on Sunday 25th and Thursday 29th November. This will be the first time since 1974 since the two have shared the stage with the rest of the band, but hopefully Ronnie Wood wont feel too left out during the reunion.

The remaining members - Mick Jagger, Keith Richards, Charlie Watts and Wood – have been inviting the two former members back to work together again over recent years, however the shows at the O2 will mark the first time in more than three decades since they have performed live together. Both Wyman and Taylor were interviewed in the recent official 50th anniversary documentary Crossfire Hurricane, in which both former members talked intimately about their time with the band and their reasons for leaving it all behind. Wyman called it quits in December 1992 to concentrate on his own work and personal life, whilst Taylor left the band in 1974. In Crosstown Hurricane Taylor admitted that his heroin addiction was at the root of his leaving of the band.

Rolling Stones Will Be Joined By Mick Taylor And Bill Wyman In London

Rolling Stones Mick Jagger Keith Richards Ronnie Wood Bill Wyman Mick Taylor Charlie Watts

In an explosive 50th anniversary year for the Rolling Stones, having released a new album, a documentary about the band, and revealing a set of live shows in London and New York, the Stones have now revealed that two old band mates will be joining them at their gigs in London next week, reports the Guardian.

Former bassist Bill Wyman, and guitartist Mick Taylor will appear as special guests at their sell out show at London's O2 arena. It was in the Crossfire Hurrican anniversary documentary that Taylor chose to reveal the primary reason for leaving the band back in 1974 was due to his heroin addiction at the time. Both musicians have hooked up with other members Ronnie Wood, Keith Richards, Charlie Watts and Mick Jagger, over the years for some charity gigs and reunion shows. This will be the first time, however, that the entire 6 members of the legendary band will be appearing together for a long time.

The band have recently revealed a new video for their single 'Doom and Gloom' from their new album 'GRRR!' as well as plans for an iPhone app that will allow users to see interviews and special features surrounding the band. Despite already having a career spanning 50 years, they've taken the future in their stride and truly embracing their longevity. 

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Boys Are Back In Town: Bill Wyman, Mick Taylor To Re-Join The Rolling Stones (Sort Of)

Rolling Stones Bill Wyman Mick Taylor

Former Rolling Stones bassist Bill Wyman, 75, and guitarist Mick Taylor, 63, will re-join the band on-stage at their forthcoming London shows. The pair will play with the band for the first time in over 20 years at the O2 Arena next Sunday and again the following Thursday, reports

The pair stood side-by-side with Jagger, Richards and the gang at the world premiere of Crossfire Hurricane, though fans assumed it was a mere nostalgic touch in promotion of the new film. However, it has been confirmed that both guitarists will perform with the Stones "as special guests," which probably means the reunion will last a couple songs and not the entire set. Wyman split from the band in 1990, while Taylor played with the Stones from 1969 to 1974. Both London dates sold out in a matter of minutes, though there was some consternation among fans with regards to the ticket prices. Costing up to £375, many fans were priced out of the market for the tickets, though the band played a club show in Paris priced at just £12.

The London shows - together with gigs in New Jersey and New York - coincides with the release of the band's new greatest hits album Grrr! which includes two new tracks, including current single 'Doom and Gloom'

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Crossfire Hurricane Review


Watching the Rolling Stones' home movies while they reminisce on the soundtrack is thoroughly entertaining, although this documentary is such an inside job that it doesn't really tell us anything we don't already know. Indeed, the Rolling Stones commissioned this film for their 50th anniversary, and while it doesn't shy away from showing their heyday of sex, drugs and rock-n-roll, it never gets into their personal lives at all. And it only covers the first half of their half-century.

As well-educated blues musicians on the London club scene, the Stones enjoyed reasonable success, but it wasn't until they were dubbed the "anti-Beatles" and set about to play on their anarchic images that they rocketed to global stardom, setting teen girls' hearts (and bladders) aflutter across Britain and America. But their bad-boy behaviour also got them into a lot of trouble. Guitarist Brian Jones dropped out of the band in 1969 (and drowned less than a month later), while his replacement Mick Taylor quit in 1974 due to drugs, replaced by Ronnie Wood. But the partying hit a low point with Keith Richards' arrest for heroin in 1977, after which they cleaned up their act. And their early 1980s tour was their biggest ever.

Oddly, the documentary suddenly ends here, making us wonder if this is just part 1. Although their successes since then have been a bit more sporadic, they would certainly provide some telling backstage moments. By contrast, much of the footage here (mainly in grainy black and white shot on Mick Jagger's own home movie camera) centres on the band goofing around in their down moments. It's edited in with lots of concert footage, so the soundtrack is like an early greatest hits collection. And there are also lively TV interviews done through the years. For narration, the filmmakers use audio recordings done specifically for this movie, with telling memories and witty commentary.

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The Rolling Stones Release New Single, Part Of Their New Album 'GRRR!'

Mick Jagger Keith Richards Brian Jones Bill Wyman Rolling Stones

The Rolling Stones this year celebrated their 50th birthday as a band. It's the right year, therefore, for the band- Mick Jagger, Keith Richards, Ian Stewart, Brian Jones and Bill Wyman- to release a greatest hits album, aptly titled 'GRRR', as well as some new music- the first to be released in 6 years, and it's been 20 years since their last hit.

'GRRR!' will include their biggest hits including 'I Can't Get No (Satisfaction)', 'Jumpin' Jack Flash' and 'Street Fighting Man' alongside 47 others, or 77 others if you get the 80 track edition. The record will also include two new songs. 'Doom and Gloom' was released today to a soberly positive reception and a general feeling of excitement as they release dates for their upcoming tour.

The single harps back to a golden age of grit and energy that seemed to have faded in their later years. The Telegraph describes the track as an “energised, uptempto blues attack” and the NY Times states that it's a “classic, apocalyptic blues-rock-stomp”. But neither review seems entirely enamoured by the rock-veterans musical offerings. The general consensus seems to be that, although good, the track never quite reaches the heights that it promises, its potential is left unreached. “It lacks the real juice and wayward spirit of those bygone days.” However, one can't sniff at the clear effort that the band, whose average age is 68.25, is still putting into their music- it's admirable.

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Bill Wyman Saturday 7th May 2011 25th anniversary dinner of the Banbury Celebrity Cricket Team at the Grosvenor Hotel London, England

Bill Wyman
Bill Wyman

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Charlie Is My Darling Trailer

The Rolling Stones may not have released an album for eight years, but they are...

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Watching the Rolling Stones' home movies while they reminisce on the soundtrack is thoroughly entertaining,...