Bill Wyman is releasing his first solo album in 33 years, despite feeling ''too old''.

The former Rolling Stones bassist found 60 songs he'd never released before last year, when he was archiving old demos, and got the idea for his fourth solo LP 'Back To Basics'.

He chose three songs that needed reworking and then, together with nine brand new songs, went into his studio to record them.

The album will include collaborations with guitarist Terry Taylor, Guy Fletcher, Graham Broad and Robbie McIntosh, and was co-produced by Andy Wright.

Wyman said: ''Initially I thought I'm a bit old for this but then I thought all the old blues musicians played till they dropped so why don't I give it a go.''

The 78-year-old quit the Rolling Stones - fronted by Sir Mick Jagger -in 1993 having spent 31 years in the group, and has since gone on to write seven books, as well as become a metal detecting expert with his own brand of metal detector.

Wyman previously said: ''I've always been interested in ancient cultures, archaeology, astronomy, photography, art - and as I grew up, I tried to learn more and embellish those things by reading books and documentaries and films. When I was in the band for 30 years, that was very difficult, because I didn't have the opportunity to spend much time doing that.''

'Back To Basics will be released on June 22.