At 74-years-old, Billy Connolly is to become a Sir, after his name was released as part of the Queen's Birthday Honours List. Hailing from Glasgow in Scotland, the comedian first shot to fame in the mid 1960s, before going on to appear in a series of movies such as 'Muppet Treasure Island' in 1996 and more recently, 'The Hobbit: The Battle of the Five Armies' in 2014.

Billy Connolly isn't the biggest fan of the establishmentBilly Connolly isn't the biggest fan of the establishment

Though it's come as great news to the star, he admits he was shocked when he realised he was to become a part of the establishment, of which he says "isn't a place I relish".

"It won't really dawn on me until Glasgow people start calling me 'Sir Billy' or whatever they come up with," the comedian explained in a chat with BBC Scotland.

Still thinking of himself as a "hairy rebel", he said it was strange to be welcomed into the establishment.

"I have an ordinary background," he continued, "and it was never on the horizon when I was growing up that I might get this."

"I'm not big on pride but whatever the equivalent of pride is that is a bit decent, I've got that. I'm a little embarrassed but deep within me I'm very pleased."

Though he's now a member of a very elite group, Connolly says that the knighthood isn't something that will change him. Though the establishment isn't "a place I relish", he said "the way I saw it was if I was invited by those people to do things, the least I can do is respond nicely. It's the way I was brought up. It's an honour and I'll accept it honourably."

Though there will be those who still criticise Connolly for his past association with the Royal Family and the monarchy as an establishment, it's great to hear that the Scottish talent is willing to put aside all of that to become an official part of British history. Having made such a great name for himself, the honour is one that's clearly very much deserved.

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Connolly joins a varied company on this year's list which includes Scottish 'Harry Potter' author JK Rowling and tennis coach Judy Murray.