Billy Connolly recently revealed that his good friend and legendary comedian, Robin Williams, may have tried to say his final goodbyes in an emotional phone call to the Scottish funnyman before committing suicide last month.

Billy Connolly
Connolly recently recalled his final conversation with Williams

Connolly, 71, who revealed he was diagnosed with Parkinson's disease this time last year, recently told The Telegraph that he and the 'Mrs. Doubtfire' actor would frequently speak about their experiences dealing with the nervous disorder. Williams is believed to have taken his own life not long after discovering he was suffering with early-stage Parkinson's, he was 63 years-old.

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"We used to talk about Parkinson's a lot," Connolly said. "He would call me and we would compare notes. His was early onset, the same as mine. Everybody worries about it. It's like a mugger following you around."

The two comedians were very close friends, which is shown by the fact that Connolly has several photographs of himself and Williams sharing laughs together still saved on his cell phone, however this wasn't the case in their final conversation.

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"We told each other we loved each other. I told him and he told me many times," the Scotsman explained. "I never stopped it and he never stopped telling me. As a matter of fact, I thought afterwards he tried to say goodbye to me, because he got very luvvie towards the end. It's fanciful but that's what I told myself. On the last phone call he said, 'I love you like a brother' and I said, 'I know you do' and he said, 'Are you sure you know?' and I said, 'Yes'. Robin worried about everything."

Robin Williams
Williams committed suicide last month, aged 63

On 11th August, Robin, who has had a long battle with sobriety and depression, was found in his bedroom, fully clothed, and gently suspended in a seat with a belt wrapped around his neck, with one end wedged between the door and the frame of his closet.