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18th December 2012

Tweet: "I enjoyed seeing @MileyCyrus having fun rockin' out with Rebel Yell last night on vh1divas! 'Take that b**ches'!" Rocker Billy Idol gives the singer/actress the thumbs up after watching her cover his hit 1983 anthem during the Vh1 Divas concert in Los Angeles on Sunday (16Dec12).

19th April 2012

Tweet: "Sad about DICk Clark passing... We shared the same birthday he pointed out to me when we met on American Bandstand to do White Wedding '82..." Billy Idol on the passing of the TV mogul.

12th December 2011

Tweet: "That's it for my foot the Doc says! Now once the rain stops I'll retrieve my Harley this week... once i get over this blasted cold I've got!" Billy Idol can't wait to get back on his bike after recovering from foot-correction surgery.

28th November 2011

Tweet: "I am doing the @Camp_Freddy show this Friday the 2nd of December." Billy Idol will hit the stage for the first time since his recent foot surgery with rock pals Dave Navarro and Billy Morrison at the Roxy Theatre in Hollywood on Friday (02Dec11).

23rd November 2011

Tweet: "24 hrs left with the orthopedic boot!!!Then a compression sock & sneakers for two weeks & then ........Back to riding my Bonnie or Harley!" Billy Idol is hoping to be back on his motorbike by Christmas after undergoing foot correction surgery.

22nd November 2011

Tweet: "Happy B'day to my sister of White Wedding fame! I always know it is her birthday as it is the same date as Jfk's assassination!" Billy Idol wishes ex-girlfriend Perri Lister a happy birthday. Lister was the bride in his White Wedding video.

14th November 2011

Tweet: "Two days & the stitches come out of my foot (& then there's gonna be all hell to pay)! No, I'm just happy the initial two wks (weeks) is nearly up!" Rocker Billy Idol on fighting to get back on his feet following surgery to correct a malformation which resulted from a biking accident.

31st October 2006

Quote: "Billy Idol's version of CRAZY wasn't no good, but I was still honoured." Gnarls Barkley star CEE-LO has mixed emotions about Idol's cover of the duo's international smash hit.

12th October 2006

Fact: Travis Barker's ex-wife and Paris Hilton's nemesis SHANNA MOAKLER dated actor Dennis Quaid in 2001 and rocker Billy Idol in the 1990s.

2nd December 2005

Fact: <p>Piano man Billy Idol turned 50 on Wednesday (30NOV05). </p>

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