Blink-182 have released a new single 'Quarantine' about the coronavirus pandemic.

The pop punk legends - currently made up of Mark Hoppus, Travis Barker and Matt Skiba - unveiled the track on Friday (07.08.20) after sharing the x-rated artwork earlier this week.

The scathing track looks at the state of the world during the global health crisis, as the band sing: ''It'll disappear in April, just like a miracle. We don't need social distance, we don't need old people.

''So throw the shop doors open and save our economy. We don't need ICU beds or PPE.''

In the chorus, they belt out: ''Quarantine, f*** this disease. I'd rather be on Star Tours or stuck at the DMV. Quarantine, no, not for me. I thought that things were f***** up in 2019. F*** quarantine.''

Earlier this week, drummer Travis revealed the song would be dropping ahead of a new EP.

He teased: ''There's a song called 'Quarantine' that's gonna come out really, really song. It'll be a Blink favourite. It'll be like all our fan favourites. It's incredible.''

He added the trio are hoping to release the long-awaited EP ''by the end of summer''.

Meanwhile, Goldfinger frontman and producer John Feldlmann recently promised Blink-182 are ''getting in touch with their roots'' during the recording sessions for the upcoming collection.

He explained: ''The band has definitely been getting in touch with their roots.

''The songs we have been working on have been super classic Blink and I can't be more excited.''

Co-frontman and bassist Mark previously revealed the band had been hard at work on material for the follow-up to 2019's 'Nine'.

He said: ''I recorded literally yesterday. So upcoming recording is happening as we speak. It was new Blink, not Simple Creatures or anything else.''