Almost all reports regarding Bobbi Kristina Brown and her family have largely treated Bobbi Kristina as a silent party, submissive to a point in regard to her family's wishes and coping with her grief in a fairly private, ever so slightly crazy way (getting engaged to her step-brother is certainly grounds for 'slightly crazy'). However, as it turns out Bobbi has been quiet for another reason, namely battling her family for the money that her mother left her in her will. 

The executors of Whitney Houston's will are Pat and Cissy Houston- the sister in law and mother of the late singer, both of whom have contested some stipulations of the will due to fears that the money Bobbi would be receiving at the age of 21 would simply be 'too much too soon' and that the young woman would not be able to handle that kind of responsibility. TMZ have reported that Bobbi has won her case and the wishes of Whitney as set out in her will are set to remain almost entirely unchanged.

Bobbi's engagement to her step-brother Nick Gordon has raised eyebrows, particularly within her family, but the whole family: Bobbi, Pat and Cissy, are all appearing in their new reality TV show The Houstons: On Our Own and perhaps the entire story will be set straight there. Despite Bobbi defending her relationship with Nick, Pat has implied that the engagement has been, or will be, short lived.