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8th May 2013

Fact: Songwriting legend Burt Bacharach is revisiting his critically acclaimed 1998 album collaboration with Elvis Costello for a new Broadway musical. Bacharach is teaming up with Two and a Half Men and The Big Bang Theory creator Chuck Lorre to write Painted From Memory. Costello has confirmed he and Bacharach are writing additional music for the show.

6th November 2008

Quote: "I never play music. I ask for it to be turned off. Around the house? No. I need silence." Legendary singer/songwriter Burt Bacharach won't have any tunes played in his home.

24th October 2008

Quote: "I sent him an email after the last debate. I recommended he hire David Gergen (former counsel to Presidents Richard Nixon, Gerald Ford and Ronald Reagan). I really hope Obama wins. I can't understand John MCCain picking Sarah Palin." American composer Burt Bacharach has some words of advice for U.S. presidential candidate Barack Obama.

16th October 2008

Fact: Legendary songwriter Burt Bacharach, 80, is set to give a speech to students at the U.K.'s prestigious Oxford University on Thursday (16Oct08).

17th June 2008

Fact: Burt Bacharach has rewritten his WHAT THE WORLD NEEDS NOW for a new U.S. investment TV ad for Barclays.

6th July 2006

Quote: "We went into the studio one evening with DIONNE (WARWICK) and recorded ANYONE WHO HAS A HEART and WALK ON BY in three hours. It was a pretty great night." Songwriter Burt Bacharach mixes business with pleasure.

15th March 2006

Quote: "I remember flying on a plane with a girl a long time ago and she sat next to me and said, 'To tell you the truth, I can't make love unless I've got your music on.'" Legendary pop composer Burt Bacharach on helping his fans spice up their love lives.

20th February 2006

Fact: <p>Keira Knightley has an interesting party trick - she can play Burt Bacharach's RAINDROPS KEEP FALLING ON MY HEAD on her teeth. </p>

10th February 2006

Quote: <p>"I never like to be lied to by a girlfriend or agent and certainly not the president of the United States." Legendary songwriter Burt Bacharach took aim at US President George W Bush when he collected his Grammy for Best Pop Instrumental Album on Wednesday night (08FEB06). </p>

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