Carly Rae Jepsen feels "connected to the world" by grief.

The 37-year-old pop star was unable to see her grandmother before she passed away in 2020 due to restrictions put in place over the COVID-19 pandemic and has now reflected that the loss was one of the "biggest upsets" of her life but feels "connected" to others because of the universal emotion of grief.

She told The Line of Best Fit magazine: "Grief just connects you to the world. I think everyone goes through it at some point in time, no one misses it. So once you start to feel that, you’re just on a different level. I felt that in regular conversations with people who had been through bigger things than I had yet to experience.

I flew home five other times when she was sick so it was very, very hard to lose her during the time I couldn’t actually go see her and be with her. That was one of the bigger upsets of my life to date.

Then I lost my cat, which was so sad. It was a lot."

The 'Call Me Maybe' hitmaker went on to explain that after a while she stopped being "frightened" of loneliness and instead used her emotions as "clean dirt" for her latest record.

She added: "I realised that loneliness is a real connector, because I don’t think it’s talked about a lot. There’s a little faux pas to this feeling. I wanted to take away the shame from that and look at what was hard about it, try to see if there were some gifts to be caught from it once I stopped being so frightened to call it what it was.

"I feel like I’ve planted myself in some clean dirt and that’s sort of what The Loveliest Time is to me, this idea that I’m really open. I don’t think I have too many secrets anymore/ The people that are around me know all my stuff and I think that there’s some freedom in that. The Loveliest Time is a little bit of the celebration that comes with owning your shit and just living your life anyway."

'The Loveliest Time' is due for release on July 28.