Carly Rae Jepsen loved creating an album in lockdown because it afforded her more time to be ''away'' from the songs.

The 34-year-old singer is isolating in Los Angeles with her cat during the Covid-19 pandemic and has been using the time productively by writing songs with her frequent collaborator Tavish Crowe, who co-wrote 'Call Me Maybe', and they've already created an entire quarantine album.

On the benefits of having more time on the project during the pandemic, Carly told the 'Switched On Pop' podcast: ''You have more time to have space in-between the decisions you're making and more time to kind of be away from the song for a minute, so I find it to be a whole new style of going at it, and I like it.''

In a recent interview, Carly revealed that every song on the record sounds ''completely different''.

She said: ''Writing songs over Zoom has been an interesting challenge. I've been working with Tavish Crowe - luckily we've been collaborators for years, so we really know each other well.

''We have our own little baby quarantine album by now.

''When I don't have an album immediately due, I just allow myself to experiment.

''If you heard what we were making you'd be like, 'every song sounds completely different' - and that's the point.''

Carly confirming she has a new album on the way came after she dropped 'Dedicated Side B', a companion LP to her 2019's 'Dedicated'.

After teasing fans about its release, she finally announced: ''So, yes there have been whispers and I'm bad at keeping secrets. Side B for DEDICATED is out now babies.

''I hope it makes it yah dance your pants off! I owe yah one...or like two albums turns out. ;)

''For the record, I love all of you. (sic)''