Caroline Flack, co-host of ‘The X Factor’, may miss out on presenting the first of the current series’ live shows because she’s struggling to shake off a bout of the flu.

A source told The Sun [via the Mirror] on Wednesday (October 28th) that Flack was bed-ridden and may not recover in time to host this weekend’s first live shows, leaving co-presenter Olly Murs to do so by himself.

“She hasn’t been feeling well this week at all, and the timing couldn’t be worse, with the first live performances this weekend,” the source revealed. “She has been resting at home and doing everything she possibly can to recover in time to make it on stage with Olly on Saturday night.”

Caroline FlackCaroline Flack

“But at the moment it is touch and go, and it’s a worry for everyone. The first live show performances each series are when ‘X Factor’ really gets going.”

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Flack admitted that she wasn’t feeling very well earlier this week with an Instagram photo that’s since been deleted, and she was also ill enough to cancel a scheduled book signing on Tuesday.

“Olly and Caroline have had mixed reviews so far as a hosting team, and this was also supposed to be their moment to prove themselves. But that may not happen if Caroline is at home in bed. And even if she does recover on time, it’s fair to say she may not be at her very best," the source continued.

However, representatives for the 35 year old presenter and former ‘Strictly Come Dancing’ winner told the Metro later the same day that Flack was well on the way to recovery and was expecting to play a full part on Saturday night.

“Caroline will not be missing this weekend’s X Factor, and is on fine form,” the statement read. “She had one day off with a bad cold but is now fit and excited for the live shows.”

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