Caroline Flack's personal trainer says her death was a ''big shock to the system''.

Fitness influencer Bradley Simmonds was devastated when his client and friend, TV presenter Caroline, 40, took her own life in February and he said it made him see that everyone can struggle.

Speaking to rapper Professor Green on an Instagram Live workout to raise money for the CALM (Campaign Against Living Miserably) charity, Bradley said: ''My good friend and client Caroline recently passed away and that was a tough, tough moment. It was a big shock to the system. It made me see that people who seem happy, who have a good career, it doesn't matter, who you are or how successful you are, everyone can struggle.''

Professor Green, 36, who was also friends with Caroline, agreed and said: ''Things are often very different from the inside out.''

Green - whose real name is Stephen Manderson - also spoke out about his own mental health and said he became involved with CALM because of his past experiences with ''low moods, depression and anxiety''.

He said: ''It's a charity that's really close to my heart. My father took his own life and I've had my own encounters with low moods and depression and anxiety so I understand the importance of a charity like CALM.

''For me, it was when I was really young but I didn't have the language to explain it. I used to tell my nan I had bellyache but it wasn't bellyache, it was anxiety. That was because my upbringing was quite chaotic. As a kid you're a sponge and you absorb all the stress in the household.

''It's been an interesting journey but to be able to turn that around and help people who are going through the same thing, hopefully helps people understand that everyone goes through this at times.

''It's the archetypal idea of what a man is. From a young age I've always pushed through it. The single most important thing for mental health is stay moving. Body and mind, they're not separate.''

Pro Green - who has been a patron of CALM since 2015 - said in a statement: ''I'm delighted to be teaming up with Bradley and working up a sweat to raise money for CALM's vital helpline services, who have answered a call every 66 seconds in the first two months of lockdown.''

Following the workout, Bradley wrote on Instagram: ''Had the pleasure to train with @professorgreen this morning all for a great cause to raise awareness and money for @calmzone.

''An incredible charity supporting men with mental health issues. Please please head to the link in my bio to continue donating. THANK YOU! (sic).''

Donations can be made via Bradley Simmonds' GoFundMe page at