Chace Crawford admits being famous makes it hard to meet girls.

The 26-year-old hunk - who has previously been romantically linked with Carrie Underwood and Ashley Greene - admits it can be tough to find someone to start a relationship with but is ''open'' to all types of people.

He said: ''I'm totally sort of just doing my thing. I'm never really looking. I guess if something comes along...

''Sometimes the pool is smaller because you hang out with five people as opposed to when you're in college or a job. It might be harder to meet a girl who is not in the industry. I'm open to anything. It makes it interesting.''

However, the 'Gossip Girl'star is content to be single but thinks when he does find someone he will make them an excellent partner.

He added: ''I'm not the type who needs to be in a relationship. I'm not a serial monogamist. I could make a bad joke but I like to think I'm a good boyfriend.''