Chace Crawford isn't ready to get serious with Rachelle Goulding.

Although the 'Gossip Girl' actor has been dating the brunette model for three months, friends insists their relationship is casual and they have no plans to change it.

A source told E! News: ''They've been hanging out for about three months, but it's nothing serious right now.''

While Chace, 27, is enjoying his dates with the model, Rachelle reportedly made the first move.

The insider added: ''They met last summer through mutual high society friends. Then she moved to New York and reached out to Chace.''

Before he started dating the 26-year-old Canadian beauty, Chace admitted his fame made it difficult for him to find love.

The actor- who has previously been romantically linked with Carrie Underwood and Ashley Greene - claimed it can be tough to find someone to start a relationship with but said he was ''open'' to all types of people.

He said: ''I'm totally sort of just doing my thing. I'm never really looking. I guess if something comes along...

''Sometimes the pool is smaller because you hang out with five people as opposed to when you're in college or a job. It might be harder to meet a girl who is not in the industry. I'm open to anything. It makes it interesting.''