Game of Thrones made its long-awaited return with season 3 not so long ago, and did so in the dark, high quality fashion you’d expect it to. So, now that episode 2 - Dark Wings, Dark Words has been and gone, are we still impressed?

Well the answer is a simple yes, if The Guardian are anything to go by. “It had everything that makes Game of Thrones so addictive: the adept juggling of a number of plotlines, subtle character development and brooding hints of trouble to come,” writes Sarah Hughes. “Best of all however,” she continues, “was the heart-rending conversation between Catelyn and Talisa, which started by showing us the younger woman's desperate desire to integrate herself with her mother-in-law and ended by revealing the depth of Catelyn's guilt.” The Guardian writers have proved to be serious fanboys/girls over pretty much every HBO show in existence. Perhaps Forbes can give us their view. “Game of Thrones is back in fighting shape after a bit of a lull last week as HBO’s epic fantasy rose sleepily from its hibernation to reintroduce us to its web of plots, sub-plots, and its myriad characters,” they write.

The Huffington Post pose the question, was this “A Feminist Episode, a Gay Episode, or a Dull Episode?” They conclude that it wasn’t dull, the female characters are ahead of their male counterparts, and there were hints of homosexual themes throughout.

Charles DanceCharles Dance plays Tywinn Lannister