Cheryl - now - Tweedy made her musical comeback with a performance on the X Factor last weekend (17 Nov) for her new single, Love Made Me Do It, but she didn't wow as many crowds as she hoped. Reaction to her live show was met with criticism with many fans slamming her 'terrible vocals' and others complaining to TV watchdog, Ofcom, about her raunchy set pre-watershed.

Cheryl TweedyCheryl is reportedly upset about the reaction to her musical comeback

Now, The Sun has reported Cheryl, 35, is re-watching her set repeatedly to try to work out why so many people didn't like it.

A source said: "Cheryl’s devastated over the harsh comments about her performance. She always says that 'haters' come with fame and she expects some negativity, but she didn’t expect this reaction.

"Cheryl goes on social media to interact with her fans and it actually shocked her, reading some of the comments.

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"At first she was angry – she watched the performance back over ten times and can’t understand what she did wrong."

The mother-of-one's live unveiling of her single attracted 15 complaints to Ofcom from viewers, who were far from impressed with her stage antics, which were aired before the 9pm watershed.

Comments of Cheryl's performance included: 'This is like me drunk at karaoke' while another added: 'Is it just me or does Cheryl sound out of tune? And you can't really hear her like what's the point?'

However, others came out to support the returning singer, with one pointing out the singer was brave to go '100% live' on one of the biggest show's on TV.

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The tweeter wrote: 'I actually don't mind the song, not her best but good. Yeah she's no Beyonce vocally, she knows that. If she mimes people hate, if she sings and hits a few off notes while dancing, you hate. I enjoyed the performance and I love her.'