Liam Payne just can’t help gushing about girlfriend Cheryl and their baby son Bear.

But the former One Direction star admits his girlfriend sometimes gives him a telling off for oversharing about their family life in interviews.

Cheryl and Liam PayneLiam Payne and girlfriend Cheryl

Speaking to MailOnline, Liam said: “I do get a bit overexcited sometimes. I'll go home and she'll say ‘What did you say that for?’

“But I'm just really happy with everything and life's great, I'm really enjoying myself and everything's really good so I can't really complain. I just like to talk about it!

“I'll get a cheeky ribbing sometimes and I'll say ‘Ah, don't worry about it, it's fine! People know!’” he added.

The couple welcomed Bear in March and since the birth Cheryl has stayed out of the limelight, while Liam has been busy working on his solo career.

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Liam also discussed his girlfriend’s post-baby body, revealing that she’s back in shape already.

“She is a superwoman. I can't believe it. And bless her, she's done so well and she's really happy with herself at the moment,” Liam said.

“She's been working hard and if you work hard then you get what you want. She just got involved with it and did her bit. She's great, I've got to give it to her on that one. I think it's inspirational,” he added.

And as for baby Bear, Liam says he’s already trying to walk. “'He's like a tiny little Michelin man!” the new dad gushed.

“Today he had some Air Max on and he was trying to walk in the kitchen. Every day there's something new and he gets more and more fun.”