A decade and a half ago five unsuspecting ladies sang their way into the hearts of the public and formed the ultimate 00s girl group on Popstars The Rivals: Girls Aloud. Now one fifth of the group - Cheryl Tweedy/Cole/Fernandez-Versini - has taken to social media to celebrate but with a shaded twist.

Cheryl ColeCheryl Cole has been explicit about her favourites from her time at Girls Aloud

The singer and former judge of X Factor took to Instagram with a picture of her and fellow former bandmates Kimberley Walsh and Nicola Roberts to thank the girls for being two of her best friends.

But what about the other girls - Nadine Coyle and Sarah Harding?

While mum-of-one Cheryl tags all the past members, she is pretty specific about the friends she took away from the group - possibly reigniting the rumours of a feud that refuse to die.

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In the post, Cheryl wrote: "Crazy how time flies. 15 years ago today some of the best, craziest years of my life were just beginning. I had no idea what a life journey I was starting out on. We had some of the most amazing times of our lives and made some incredible pop moments to put the cherry on top.

"In the end I left with these two amazing, inspiring gorgeous souls and the best friends anyone could ever ask for. You blessed me and I will never be able to thank you enough for the support, love and loyalty you brought to our group. I am so proud of what we achieved together."

Not long after posting, just to make sure we knew exactly who was celebrating, Cheryl added the line: "Sitting here drinking coffee with these two and watching babies 15 years later!!!"

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The bitter bust-up between two of the biggest pop stars to come out of the UK, Cheryl and Nadine, has been long documented after the band split in 2013.

Nadine has thrown the odd shady comment here and there, once saying Cheryl made the decision to end Girls Aloud, on the last night of their reunion tour, without consulting her.