Ex-Radio 1 breakfast presenter Chris Moyles worked on the station since 2004 and has since found success in many other capacities. He has his own show on Channel 4, appeared in X Factor: Battle of the Stars, written his autobiography and now he is set to be starring in Jesus Christ Superstar on the West End. His philanthropic works have seen him climb Kilimanjaro and break the world record for longest radio show at 52.5 hours, raising over £2m. Despite all of this apparent talent, and all he has done for Radio 1, the final Chris Moyles Show brought in the lowest audience figure in his entire career with the station.

Chris Moyles has been replaced by Nick Grimshaw, who began his career on T4 (which will be cancelled in January), in order for Moyles to be able to explore the potential for his career further, on stage. The Standard reports that in Moyles' final show his figures were lower than BBC Radio 4's Today Programme that airs at the same time. 6.73million listeners tuned in to Radio 1, while the Radio 4 achieved an impressive 6.94 million. As yet we're unsure whether this is a sign that the listeners are becoming inherently higher brow, or whether everyone was just bored of the northern joker. 

Radio figures seem to be falling across the board, so Radio 4 is really beating the odds. Even Chris Evans' breakfast show on Radio 2, which is the most listened to show in the UK, has lost almost half a million listeners over the past 6 months. With the figures for Moyles' reaching an all time low, no doubt bosses are overjoyed with their decision to mix it up with the northern hipster, Grimshaw.