There's been reports recently that Cindy Crawford is planning to retire from the modelling industry as she approaches her fiftieth birthday. There was much surprise at the news, given that she is one of the world's most iconic beauties, and while she soon clarified that it's not actually set in stone, it's important to remember that there's a lot more to this woman than just posing.

Cindy CrawfordCindy Crawford is super multi-talented

Indeed, modelling is just a part of what makes Cindy Crawford and, even if she does decide to forgo any future magazine shoots, it's likely she'll still be busy enough with other projects. These are just a few of her alternative occupations:

Actress: Apart from the array of music videos she's appeared in (Taylor Swift's 'Bad Blood', George Michael's 'Freedom '90' and Duran Duran's 'Girl Panic') and all the fictitious incarnations of herself in TV and film, Crawford is also quite the actress. Her first screen role was as Kate McQuean in 1995's 'Fair Game' and she followed that role up with appearances in 'Frasier', '3rd Rock from the Sun', 'The Simian Line' and 'Wizards of Waverly Place'.

Fitness expert: She's become quite the success with her exercise video series, her first being 1992's 'Cindy Crawford: Shape Your Body' - partly released through her own company Crawdaddy Productions - which was soon followed up with 'The Next Challenge', a video that was aimed at new mothers called 'A New Dimension' and an animated children's video called 'Cindy Crawford and the Fit-wits'.

TV host: Her first TV role was as the host of MTV's 'House of Style' which ran between 1989 and 1995. She also had her own documentary in 'Headliners and Legends: Cindy Crawford' and last year she narrated OMEGA documentary 'The Hospital In The Sky' exploring the Flying Eye Hospital, an aircraft based hospital funded by the charity Orbis International.

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Entrepreneur: As with any iconic name in the celebrity world, Cindy Crawford has ventured into business, but as well as releasing her own line of beauty products (as would be expected) with Jean-Louis Sebagh in 2005 called Meaningful Beauty, she also launched a homeware brand that same year called Cindy Crawford Home Collection, manufactured by HM Richards Inc. She has expanded her interest in interior design with ventures for Raymour & Flanigan and J. C. Penney.

Geek: Okay, so it's hardly an occupation as such, but with a brain like hers, Cindy Crawford could probably do anything. She excelled in high school, graduating as valedictorian and winning a scholarship at Northwestern University to study chemical engineering. She dropped out to pursue modelling, but there's always time to go back, right?

Humanitarian: Beautiful, talented, athletic, enterprising and intelligent; it only gets better because Crawford also has a heart of gold. She's been working for leukemia-based charities for her entire career, donating money to medical research in honour of her baby brother Jeff who died of the disease when she was just 10. Plus, she's an official spokesperson for the Ronald McDonald House Charities as well as being a part of the Honorary Committee of the California Wildlife Center and working for the Multiple Myeloma Research Foundation. In 2014, she fronted a campaign against health risks at Malibu schools, after a number of teachers came forward with illnesses - including thyroid cancer - that were reportedly the result of toxic soils.

Author: Most recently, she release an autobiography entitled 'Becoming', co-written by Katherine O'Leary. Published in September 2015, it was reportedly a way of underlining the modelling chapter of Crawford's life and features an array of iconic images from the photogenic superstar.