Claudia Winkleman is ''obsessed'' with brushing her teeth.

The 'Strictly Come Dancing' star thinks people will be ''highly disappointed'' by her lockdown beauty routine as she admits she loves to clean her teeth and has likened it to a ''holiday'' for her as she looks forward to it so much.

Asked about her lockdown beauty routine, she said: ''You're going to be highly disappointed with me ... I'm obsessed with brushing my teeth. I look forward to it like people do with holidays.''

And the 48-year-old television presenter has also opened up about her beauty routine, including with her hair and her nails.

Speaking about her hair and nail routine, she told Stylist magazine: ''I haven't changed the way I wash my hair for about 100 years. The key is to foam up your shampoo. I trimmed them with clippers and tried to put on nail polish but it requires patience. I normally do my nails when the kids are at school and house is quiet and I'm sitting there with the radio on. But now, every time I've done it, I have to take something out of the oven. In fact, I've spent two hours trying to make the perfect cauliflower cheese - if anyone can get me on a Zoom call and explain how to avoid it getting slightly burnt and watery, I'd appreciate it!''

Meanwhile, Claudia previously confessed her biggest beauty secret is napping ''every day''.

She said: ''I sleep a lot. I have a nap every day. After the school run if I can, I will always get back into bed for a sleep, my family and I call it my morning meeting. About an hour, definitely 45 minutes - I had two yesterday!''