Clive Owen was never offered the role of James Bond.

The English actor has been heavily linked to the iconic character, especially after his impressive performance in crime thriller 'Croupier', but Owen insists the speculation has always been wide of the mark.

He told The Express newspaper: ''It's easy to keep saying no to a role you're not being offered.

''Am I going to be the next Sean Connery? No, I'll just be the next Clive Owen.''

Owen, 49, was linked to the part prior to Daniel Craig's casting in 'Casino Royale', with reports suggesting he made unreasonable financial demands.

He added: ''If I hadn't worn that tux in Croupier, I'd still be begging for the parts on cop shows Robson Green turned down!''

In a recent interview with Britain's HELLO! magazine, Owen said he appreciates the success he's enjoyed as an actor, especially because he comes from a humble background.

He said: ''I spent my childhood not having money and that was a constant burden.

''I'm fortunate now to have considerably more now than I used to, but I'll never forget where I come from because there is a huge number of people in the world who are stressed about money and I don't want to forget that I used to be one of them.''