Appearing on the chat show 'Watch What Happens Live!' last Thursday (30 April), Cynthia Nixon was asked by host Andy Cohen to suggest which 'Sex and the City' characters a variety of famous faces would be. And the results were certainly interesting: the actress was quick to name Queen Elizabeth II as Charlotte, both Oprah Winfrey and Michelle Obama as Carries, and Beyonce as Samantha.

Cynthia Nixon at the Annual Rush HeARTS Education Valentine's Luncheon at The Plaza Hotel - New York CityCynthia Nixon still keeps in touch with all the 'Sex and the City' ladies

But who does Cynthia think would make a good Miranda, the feisty lawyer she played in the popular HBO series? She reckons Hillary Clinton, Lena Dunham and Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg would all be a good fit. And then there's Gandhi, who would be - who else - Mr Big, according to Cynthia.

She also reflected on her time on SATC and whether she still sees her co-stars, reports Us Weekly.

"I keep in touch with all of the women," she said, referring to Sarah Jessica Parker, Kim Cattrall and Kristin Davis. "I keep in touch with Mario [Cantone]. I keep in touch with Chris Noth,", she added, referring to the actors who played Anthony Marantino and Mr Big.

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Answering phone calls from viewers, Cynthia also recalled her favourite episode - the season 5 finale 'I Love a Charade', in which the girls' friend, the ambiguously gay performer Bobby Fine, marries society heiress Bitsy von Muffling.

"There was one episode that was particularly delightful to film, that I always think of when I'm asked that question, which is, the wedding of whatever their characters were named — Julie Halston and Nathan Lane in the Hamptons," Nixon explained. "It was like all of us together in this beautiful wedding setting in the country and Samantha and I dancing with the baby... Cassandra Wilson singing, I mean, it was just a gorgeous summer night. We were all there in a season finale. That was really fun."