The hype over D’Angelo’s upcoming album has been building for a few years now – need I remind you that it’s been 14 years since his masterpiece of a soul record Voodoo? But he’s been taking his sweet time with it, touring the US and occasionally Europe and presumably working out the kinks.

Get ready, it's finally happening!

Today, he really got fans riled up with the release of a new (for those who haven’t been to a gig) track , Sugah Daddy. It’s part of the lead up to his third studio album, announced with a listening party this weekend, hosted by Red Bull Music Academy and Afropunk. Finally, I hear you exclaim as you instantly click away to iTunes to check out the new songs.

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Not yet, little one, not just yet. There are still a few days to go until we, the peasants –aka members of the public – get to hear the album in full. Ahead of its December 16th release, the elusive artist dropped Sugah Daddy, which you can listen to, in full, on SoundCloud. Check it out below.

The honey-dipped soul piece was released as part of Red Bull’s 20before15 project. It was created by the artist and his new band, The Vanguard, which D’Angelo has previously vaunted as a “louder band, it’s a harder band... definitely more rock.”