Dakota Johnson's parents still haven't watched 'Fifty Shades of Grey'.

The 25-year-old actress revealed that none of her close family members have seen the movie, in which her virginal character embarks on a relationship with a bondage-loving billionaire.

When asked if her parents, actors Don Johnson and Melanie Griffith, have seen the film, Dakota replied: ''Nuh-uh, nobody in my family.''

However, plenty of other people have seen it and Dakota admitted it can lead to some awkward situations.

She explained to chat show host Ellen DeGeneres: ''Well, sometimes, people just say things that are a little bit awkward for me. Like, I was in a cab recently, and the driver was like, 'My wife and I, we saw your film. We really liked it.' And he goes, '...I thought there could be more sex.'''

Dakota, who is single since splitting from her on/off love Matthew Hitt in May, also revealed that she has trouble meeting guys.

When Ellen asked, ''Are they scared of you?'' Dakota joked: ''You mean, like when they run away from me?''

She added; ''I don't know... I guess that if those are the two options, I guess they're scared of me. They either love me or they're running for the hills.''