Dakota Johnson thinks rules are "silly and stupid".

The 34-year-old actress - who is the daughter of Don Johnson and Melanie Griffith - has revealed she's always been resistant to rules and structures.

The Hollywood star told Bustle: "I am a very defiant person. If somebody tells me I can’t do something, I am shaking, even if I had no interest in doing that thing."

Asked if she was like that as a child, Dakota replied: "Yeah. I think I just find rules and some structure really ridiculous, silly and stupid."

Dakota will always "accept and accommodate everyone’s feelings". But ultimately, she wants to follow her own instincts.

She shared: "I’ve always been the kind of person who’s going to do what I want to do.

"I will accept and accommodate everyone’s feelings and ideas and thoughts. But as long as I’m not hurting another human being in some way - even with my work, with agents or managers or whomever - I’ll listen to everyone and take everything very seriously and then I will do what feels really right to me."

Dakota refuses to put on a pretence in her professional life, too.

She said: "It’s hard for me to fake it. It’s hard for me sometimes to go along with the silliness of doing a press tour."

Meanwhile, Dakota previously revealed she was financially "cut off" by her family after she decided to pursue an acting career.

The actress' parents actually wanted her to go to college rather than following in their footsteps.

Speaking about her dad on the 'Today' show, Dakota shared: "He cut me off. He said if you go to college, you still get an allowance. And I was like, 'Well, I'm going to be an actress.' So he was like, 'Alright, well you're on your own.' I was cut off."