David Arquette wants to keep the 'Scream' franchise "alive".

The 50-year-old actor returned to the role of Deputy Dewey Riley in the comedy horror franchise earlier this year and was "thrilled" to see the fifth installment was received really well.

He said: "I was really thrilled it was really great and they did a wonderful job, and I was really excited for the fans to see it. Keep this franchise alive I think, Ghostface is such an exciting character."

Meanwhile, David - who stars in the franchise alongside his ex-wife Courteney Cox - has also taken part in video game 'The Quarry', which he thinks is similar to the 'Scream' movies.

He told HeyUGuys: “I was really thrilled that the fans loved it and I’m excited for this video game. It has similar qualities to 'Scream,'. As this sort of horror element that really understands the fans that are playing it and they sort of plays to them, so hopefully we can create more sort of or I can be part of projects like that because if you go to horror conventions, meeting the fans is one of my favourite things.

David also went on to pay tribute to the fans of the 'Scream' movies, noting that the new game can be an "escape" for them and feels honoured to be able to entertain people as a job.

“You understand how much you have been a part of their life as far as ‘Scream’ goes or if somebody fell in love with this game, it provides them entertainment, it’s an escape for them they can have fun with it. That’s sort of my job in a way to help entertain people I feel honoured to be able to do that.”

He added: “I love when they know their audience, you know. 'The Quarry' knows its audience they are really creating this world that horror fans or just cinema fan, in general, can have fun with whilst referencing Evil Dead or whatever."

'The Quarry' was released on June 10 and is available on Microsoft Windows, PlayStation and XBox.