'Internment' is the latest episode of the Walking Dead and in a season where thrills and shocks were becoming more scarce in favour of pretty depressing story lines, episode five of the latest season was a much-needed shot in the arm. Twists were met with new shocks as 'Internment' and near-misses were met with genuine walker threats, and what's more,t here was a great little twist to cap off the episode. The rest of this article contains spoilers.

Walking Dead
The series is back on track after last nights episode

The first thing we notice in 'Internment' is just how many sick people there are and how quickly their numbers are rising. Hershel is working over time to make sure that he can save as many people as possible, but even his patience is being run thin as the casualty numbers continue to rise due to the flu infecting the prison. Our first casualty occurred when one mof the guys Glenn was seeing to died right when Glenn was having a coughing fit, which wasn't too convenient to say the least. Things got even more inconvenient though when the deceased flu victims began to rewake as zombies and climbed from their cells into the sick bay, making more zombies and placing Hershel in grave danger.

After tonights episode, Lizzie will probably have to begin rethinking her theory on zombies - that they are still human - after very nearly ending up on the dinner menu for Glenn's flu victim. We really don't know what she was trying to achieve when she tried to lure it away (to who knows where), but her antics nearly got herself killed. It was up to Maggie to bust into the quarantine zone and save the day after hearing gunshots inside. By this point, Glenn and Hershel were in grave need of being saved and she got there just in time to rescue her father and deliver the medical equipment to Glenn before he choked to death on his own blood. Close call is an understatement.

Norman Reedus
Daryl and Michonne were relatively absent this week

Away from the mayhem happening in the prison, Rick and Carl were engaged in a race against time to re-secure the fence, which was rapidly falling down and susceptible to zombie attack. With the supporting walls buckling under their own weight, the zombies began attacking in their droves at the most inconvenient of times (when is there a convenient time). It could have ended much more disastrously if it wasn't for some handy automatic weaponry that was on offer for Rick and Carl. It was at this point when it became clear that the series could have gone much easier had automatic guns been a more regular options to use against the zombies, still points for Rick and Carl for keeping the infected at bay and securing the perimeter.

It could have been Rick and Carl's episode if it wasn't down to Hershel's steely determination to ensure the sick people fought for their lives and for coming so close to death. Glenn also came close to death and as he and the remaining inmates reflected on the eventful happenings of this week's episode, as Sasha administered the much needed medication salvaged by the foraging teams, there was a sense that things could only get better from here. Still, with Daryl still out of the loop in terms of what happened with Carol last week, there might be internal strife on the horizon for the prison gang, strife that could have major repercussions on the life in the prison walls, especially given what we saw at the end of the episode.

The shadowy figure of The Governor graced the screen in the final moments of the episode, but what is he after this time? Could he be responsible for the recent spat of zombie attacks? Or is he just here, perhaps seeking redemption? We have at least one more week before we can find out and considering the challenges Rick and co have just had to overcome, they might be a bit more formidable against The Governor than they were last time.

Andrew Lincoln
Rick was on top form this week, but will he be able to handle the return of the Governor?