Actress Diane Kruger has reportedly shown her gratitude to her longtime housekeeper by buying the maid a new home.

The generous Inglourious Basterds star recently handed her help the keys to her very own California property, according to America's Star magazine.

Reports suggest Kruger's generosity doesn't end there - the actress has allegedly been helping her employee pay for travel costs and legal fees as her family applies to immigrate to America.

A source tells the publication, "She loves her housekeeper to death, and they are very close."

Kruger isn't the only kind-hearted celebrity who has purchased a home for a dedicated aide - Watchmen actress Malin Akerman used a portion of her earnings to help hairstylist Maranda Widlund and her husband buy a two-bedroom bungalow in Los Feliz, California last month (May14), and Jennifer Hudson handed her assistant the keys to his first home as a Christmas present last year (13).