Diane Kruger and Joshua Jackson ''may'' get married in the future.

The couple, who have been dating since 2006, haven't tied the knot yet because they're not ''religious'' but haven't ruled out getting hitched at some point.

Speaking in the November issue of Glamour magazine, Joshua said: ''I can tell you why we're not married: We're not religious. I don't feel any more or less committed to Diane for not having stood in front of a priest and had a giant party.

''We're both children of divorce, so it's hard for me to take marriage at face value as the thing that shows you've grown up and are committed to another person. But it may change at some point. We may get married.''

Meanwhile, despite their views on marriage, Diane, 38 - who was previously married to French actor Guillaume Canet - is keen to have children with the 'Dawson's Creek' star, 36, and has already decided where she wants to raise her family.

She said previously: ''I consider myself half French. That's where I think I want to raise my children, where I see myself growing old.

''Maybe because I'm European, their way of life is very close to what I know. I've always loved Paris. When I went there it was my first time ever on a plane. From the moment I arrived, I was like, I'm never leaving.''