Diane Kruger had an ''instant connection'' with Lena Dunham when the pair first met.

The 39-year-old actress met the 'Girls' creator at a party in Los Angeles and the two stars hit it off and became pals straight away.

When Diane signed on to produce upcoming movie 'Sky' - in which she also stars - she decided she had to reach out to Lena to offer her a role, a part which she readily accepted.

Speaking to website PrestigeHongKong.com, she said: ''Lena and I share an agent in LA and I ran into her at a party or one of those (industry) things and I introduced myself and she was so lovely and we were just talking and we had such a great instant connection.

''Then I was producing 'Sky', this is like six months later, and I was like 'Wow, you know, Lena would be so great in this.' And I just emailed her personally and said, 'Have you ever wanted to be in a French arthouse film? You can say no! I totally get it.' And she immediately responded and said, 'Actually, I'd love that.' And it was so easy, and that never happens in LA.''

Diane stars opposite Gilles Lelouche in the film, in which they play a French married couple who take a vacation to the US to try and save their troubled relationship.

Although she still loves acting, the German beauty - who is in a relationship with Joshua Jackson - is much more excited about her producing role on 'Sky' and she intends to continue working behind the camera.

She said: ''I've helped friends make movies but I've never had a credit put in, so this is the first official time. 'Sky' is with a female director called Fabienne Berthaud - it's her first English language piece. It's about a French couple that comes to the US on holiday to try and save their marriage and it doesn't work out so well.

''I'm producing right now - I'm trying to produce a mini-series about Hedy Lamarr. FX just bought it and we're in the early stages of making it.''