Donna Karan ''rarely'' wears makeup.

Despite having founded her own fashion and beauty empire, the 66-year-old designer has confessed she has never been interested in sporting cosmetics and prefers to go barefaced in her day-to-day life.

She said: ''One of my earliest beauty memories is watching my mother put on her makeup every morning to go to work. She was a fashion woman, so it was always a lot of makeup, a lot of hair. And every Saturday, she went to the beauty parlour to get her hair done. Now, I'm the exact opposite. I very rarely wear makeup. I didn't use a lot of products as a teenager, and I don't now.''

And whenever the fashionista decides to doll herself up, she swears by keeping her look ''simple''.

She said: ''At night I like to have dinner with friends or go out to a movie if I don't have a work commitment. I don't do anything to my hair or makeup during the day unless I have a shoot. But at night, for events, I often have to get it done.

''I think when you're young and your skin is beautiful you should play. But when you get old, then you have to create a look. For makeup, I like to keep it simple.''

Donna also ensures she takes good care of her complexion by applying her favourite lotions and bathing daily.

She said: ''I'm very into steam rooms and baths. I don't shower unless I have to. Baths are a way of life for me. I have a spa in every one of my homes, so I take a bath for as long as I can. When I get out of the bath, I put oil or lotion on my skin.

''I go to Tracie Martyn for my facials, though not frequently enough. I'm not as on top of taking care of my skin as I should be. I love the sun. I'm one of those bad people.''

She also enjoys nightly massages to help her unwind after a long day.

Donna told Into The Gloss: ''When I come home, I try to get a massage in. I have someone who lives with me who happens to be a massage therapist. So when I'm on my feet all day long, a deep tissue or Thai massage is really important. Then, it's bed time