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Ed Skrein Hails Netflix For Giving Zack Snyder Creative Control On Rebel Moon

Ed Skrein has praised Netflix for granting Zack Snyder complete creative control on 'Rebel Moon: Part One – A Child of Fire'.The 40-year-old actor stars in the new space opera film as Atticus Noble and...

Sir Anthony Hopkins Added To Rebel Moon Cast

Sir Anthony Hopkins has been cast in 'Rebel Moon'.The double Oscar winner has boarded Zack Snyder's upcoming Netflix sci-fi movie and will voice Jimmy, an impossibly sentient battle robot.'Rebel Moon' is set in a peaceful...

Ed Skrein Replaces Rupert Friend In Rebel Moon

Ed Skrein has replaced Rupert Friend in 'Rebel Moon'.The 39-year-old actor has joined the cast of Zack Snyder's new sci-fi movie following Friend's exit from the movie due to scheduling conflicts.Cleopatra Coleman, Fra Fee and...

Daniel Dae Kim Takes 'Hellboy' Role From Ed Skrein

It looks like Hollywood may actually be learning its lesson from one of its latest racial criticisms, as an Asian actor is rumoured to be in consideration to take over from Ed Skrein in the...

Ed Skrein Gives Up 'Hellboy' So Producers Can Review 'White-washed' Casting

It's not completely unusual for an actor to step down from a proposed movie role based on their audience's reception to the news, but they rarely leave such an honest explanation. Ed Skrein, meanwhile, has...

The Transporter Refuelled Puts Ed Skrein In The Spotlight

Ed Skrein may have had his big breakthrough with a brief role on Game of Thrones, but he had already made a mark on British cinema in Ill Manors and The Sweeney. Now he takes...

Is The 'Transporter' Just The Beginning For Ed Skrein?

Memories from Comic-Con 2015 may be centred around 'Suicide Squad' and 'Batman v Superman', but let's not forget what Marvel had in store this year; namely 'Deadpool' starring Ryan Reynolds and Ed Skrein. Wait, who...

The Transporter Reins Have Been Passed On To A New Generation Of Bad Boys

After monopolising dangerous driving, kick-ass fighting and moody expressions in the first three The Transporter movies, Jason Statham has handed over the reins to Game of Thrones favourite, Ed Skrein for The Transporter Refuelled.Set as...

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