Eddie Vedder had a “pretty serious” case of COVID-19.

The Pearl Jam frontman's “life flashed before [his] eyes" when he came down with coronavirus recently, and he was grateful to return to the stage at his rescheduled gig on Friday (25.02.22).

Speaking at his solo concert at Los Angeles' YouTube Theater to promote his latest album, 'Earthlings', he said: “I just wanted to take a quick second to look at this, because it’s very rare. It’s incredible. I got the COVID right before we were supposed to start practicing, probably five, six weeks ago, and literally saw my life flash in front of my eyes.”

Eddie was surprised he caught the virus.

He continued: “I wasn’t quite sure … because I’ve done some very good things for my body, and I’ve also had a lot of fun. I’ve done some things that could be … some kind of abuse, I mean, nothing really clinical. I won’t get into the details. Just use your imagination!

“But it was, it felt pretty serious, and to get through that and then be back in a room like this, facing this many people facing this way, listening to us play music for you is really, truly, it’s been a gift and an honour. Thanks for listening. We’re so grateful.”

At the show, the ‘Go’ rocker was joined on stage by his 17-year-old daughter Olivia for a duet of ‘My Father’s Daughter’.

The news of the gig being delayed was announced in early February.

In a statement, the 57-year-old rocker wrote at the time: “We have been following Covid protocols but still had a positive test in our touring party. The appropriate response is to postpone the next two shows. Everyone, please take care.”