Edward Furlong's estranged wife wants his restraining order dismissed.

Rachael Kneeland - who split from the 'Terminator 2: Judgement Day' actor last month, claiming his drug addiction had caused him to attack her - insists the couple are now trying to make their break-up as amicable as possible.

She said: "We're actually friends. We're not having a bad divorce. We just ran into some issues. Eddie did some things to prove to me that he's back on track with his life and that's all I wanted."

Edward admits the split was initially hard because their three-year-old son Ethan is involved but is pleased he and Rachael are now trying to work through their problems.

He said: "I am glad all of the drama has subsided. Unfortunately, custody battles can get nastier than I ever imagined. All allegations have been withdrawn and Rachael and I are continuing to move forward in settling our differences and getting on with our lives. The most important thing to me is my son, Ethan, and being the best parent I can."

Last month, Rachael stated in court documents how the star's "drug use has escalated along with attacking me and threatening my life".

She also claimed Edward had been hospitalised "on lockdown" after he threatened suicide, and was given a restraining order against him.

However, his representative R.J. Rousso branded the allegations of abuse as false, and insisted Edward had been sober for five years.